Our Mission. Our Members. DLVRY COMPANY ™

Mission Statement

Dlvry Company™ is a national delivery club with a network of independent delivery drivers contracted for delivery services by different retailers and receive profession based benefits; with a network of career delivery drivers whom are employed for delivery based trucking services by different businesses such as retailers, trucking companies, etc. and receive profession based benefits. 

(roadside assistance, college grants, and cash reimbursements and assistance for auto and other services.)

We’re all just regular people with a more than regular job. The job of a delivery driver is a vital service. We are the great pioneers of the pavement frontier! 

The world is just a huge (square for those who think inside the box) or circle with a bunch of dots. 

We are the lines that make those connections. 

The belief is man cannot help man until man can help himself. Let’s help ourselves, join the Dlvry Company™ and become part of vast network of delivery drivers nationwide. 

Enrollment Info

Open enrollment period has begun for use year 2019. 

Applicants are encouraged to start an application. The only requirements is that you work at a delivery company. Benefits extend to delivery drivers and bikers. (cyclist)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the services offered?

There's one service offered available in tiers. Each tier is progressed from continuous membership. 

There is no fee associated with graduating to the next tier level.

  • Members can enjoy roadside assistance such as vehicle lockouts, flat tire change assistance, jump start batteries, tow service, and 2 gallons of fuel.  
  • After 7 months of continuous membership, members can now receive  cash assistance for vehicle maintenance/traffic violation fees.
  • Member receives veteran status through (7) seven years of continuous membership and now can receive grants towards college tuition costs for dependents (college tuition or child care) and educational training such as drivers defensive course, etc. Members no longer need to be employed with a delivery company.
  • Members with veteran status are now eligible for the Member Appreciation Award benefit.

Are there any restrictions?

Members must be current licensed drivers and contracted with one of the approved delivery companies. Members must be 18 years of age and work deliveries in the United States. Canada coming soon. View detailed membership information in the terms of service page.

What are payment options?

Membership fee payment has two billing options available. Members can pay monthly with automatic renewals via visa /debit /credit card, quit when you're ready.

Risk Free Membership

No obligation membership, members can  cancel their membership at any time. There are no cancellation fees and money back guarantee before probation period ends.